Current roleplay time: Wednesday morning
Current classes:
Herbology: Slytherin and Ravenclaw
Charms: Gryffindor
Divination: Hufflepuff

Welcome to Hogwarts! Please read the school rules as soon as you've arrived. Get sorted into a house or apply for a job, and you'll be running around in no time, learning magic, playing Quidditch or taking trips to Hogsmeade. Have a wonderful time!

*There will be a new Professor taking over from Professor Sarah as Transfiguration teacher, and the new Arithmnacy teacher will become Head of Gryffindor -more information will be posted later on.
*Please remember that you can only be in one place at a time -don't post in several places at once, it will confuse the other members.
*The set date for visits to Hogsmeade is every weekend.
*Some positions in Quidditch and prefect positions are still available, as well as some teaching positions.

HOUSE POINTS (starts at 50):
Gryffindor - 105
Ravenclaw - 95
Hufflepuff - 60
Slytherin - 90

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